How it Works

You create an account on the site and fill in your personal details (it only takes a few minutes). Then all you need to do is upload a brief description of your vehicle with some pictures attached.

The submission then comes to us at BPI Auctions. We will review the submission and add your vehicle or assets to our vendor stock system once approved. We will then call and discuss how we proceed with the sale, which includes agreed value, history of the vehicle or asset, and a sale deadline.

We will then post your items on our BPI Auctions marketplace to our large database of customers. Within the website will be a page which will host all our customers sales. We will normally market your assets for a minimum of 2 weeks in order to gather interest and allow our internal marketing team to execute a marketing strategy the right market.

Reserves and bid increments can be agreed with the customer, so the risk of selling your prized possessions at an unrealistic price is eliminated.

If your assets sell, the winning bidder will be invoiced by BPI Auctions Ltd. Once the funds have cleared (you the seller) will invoice us for the full amount minus the agreed sellers' fees.

We will then pay you directly into your chosen account via BACS. A remittance document will then be sent to both the new owner and the seller. This is a release document for both parties to arrange the hand over.

BPI Auctions may agree to buy your vehicle or asset outright if we believe that both parties benefit from this. In this case you would only need to provide us with the appropriate documents for the handover.

Any enquiries regarding the above can be emailed to or call us on 01924 245040